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Originally started in 2006 by then Captain Jeff Rees, who wanted the Club to have flagpoles but recognized there were higher priorities for Management funds on the course, so he set about raising funds to pay for them. Today they have pride of place outside the Clubhouse, proudly displaying the Welsh and Glyn Abbey’s own flags. Future Captains liked the idea and have each raised funds for their own pet projects. Each has left a lasting legacy for Glyn Abbey, which the Members are grateful for.

Myrddin Rees (2007) wanted a quality trophy cabinet which he had custom made and which now displays the majority of Club trophies in the main bar.

Emyr Thomas (2008) had a vision of a St Andrews style stone bridge and this is now found on the first hole – Pontnewydd. To club members it is known as Arwel’s bridge in memory of his brother, a very popular member of the club who passed away far too young. Funds were raised for the materials – local pennant blue stone in particular – and a gang of volunteers gave many, many days of hard work to the construction project.

That same team of volunteers went on to build the starter’s hut beside the first tee and also serving as a half way house, which is built of the same stone, welsh slate and oak beams! This was a joint project between Captains Andrew Shufflebotham (2009) and Derek Baker (2010) – the chief engineer on the project. We are assured this will outlast the Clubhouse!

Del Cudd (2011), who worked a lot on the former 2 projects, raised the funds for the new pond on the 18th hole, which is overlooked by the Lounge balcony. His design included both a fountain and a waterfall, seen as you approach this green,. Lights have been added which illuminate this and the 18th green in the evening.

Stuart Leeke (2012) had a vision of adding colour to the Course, probably from watching the Masters every year! He introduced a number of feature flower beds and rockeries to key areas, including the first tee and the pathway from the 9th green to the Clubhouse. This work continues annually.

Emyr Bowen (2013) wanted something practical that everyone could use. His project was a custom made compressed air shoe cleaner located outside the gym as you come off the course.

Kieran Proctor (2014) provided a dedicated player input system for the club's handicap system, recognising the many years he spend as Handicap Secretary, a role he still fulfils to this day.

Rhys Jones (2015) continuing the practicality theme of the previous 2 Captains, raised funds to provide a high power petrol driven pressure washer for the Greens Staff, so this could be taken around the course and used, amongst many other things, for pressure washing winder mats.